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Beijing JBridge Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Corporate Data:

         Founded: August 2002

         Core Business: Offshore Software Outsourcing, Technical Support and Services

         Key Industries: Industries management, Finance, Insurance, E-business etc

         Employees: 186 (Feb, 2007)

         Operating Revenue: 21 million RMB yuan (Dec, 2006)


Brief Introduction:

BJB is a growing offshore software outsourcing company that has been in business since 2002. Throughout the 5 years BJB has been in existence, and continues to improve its clients' productivity, efficiency, and overall success at competitive prices and unequaled quality

BJB has already successfully finished over fifty of IT outsourcing projects mainly originated from Japan. These outsourcing projects cover many different fields, such as banking, security, insurance, and electronic commerce. BJB has two relative stable software development centers to provide high quality and low cost services.

BJB has a competitive advantage in managing offshore software development projects. Through the five years' experiences and efforts, BJB has built a management team that has both management skill and technology know-how in the oversea software outsourcing business.

BJB has established a perfect and efficient quality control system. Obtained ISO9001 certification in 2005, and CMMI-3 certification is under certificating.

BJB is very sensitive to the client's business secrets and considers the propitiatory information as the basic assurance for the process of production. The information security of BJB covers domain security, network security, hardware use, server management, password management, personal computer management, virus protection, business coherence, development process and so on.


Reach information:


Room 408 Digital Media Building No.7, Shangdi Information Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China. 100085




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